Persian Qasida.

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Rukhsana Karmali is starting the New Year with a beautiful rendition of a Qasida in praise of Imam Ali (peace be upon him and his family).

The qaṣīdaᵗ is an ancient Arabic word and form of writing poetry, often translated as ode, passed to other cultures after the. ismaili muslims persian aka farsi qasida, qaseeda by pir nasir khusraw, hasan bin saba and other hujjats and da'is. 15 Mar - 10 min Welcome To is an Ismaili Ginans, Qasidas.

15 Mar - 7 min Welcome To is an Ismaili Ginans, Qasidas.

22 May - 9 min Dum hama dum Ali Ali Farsi Qasida by ismaili ginan and qasida. Hama Dam Ali Ali.

12 Jul - 13 min You can listen here ismaili ginan, ismaili qasida, ismaili persian ginan, burushashki ginan.

14 Nov - 6 min You can listen here ismaili ginan, ismaili qasida, ismaili persian ginan, burushashki ginan. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Khush Aamadeed, Ismaili Muslims Persian Qasida Written by Prof. Dr. Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir (Hub-e Ali) Hunzai, Recited by Bashir AlYasini, Farzand Ali.

Found 0 sentences matching phrase "qasida".Found in 0 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Persian qasidas are also composed to celebrate festivals. The chanted qasida is part of the religious tradition of Arabic and Persian–speaking Nizari Ismailis. in Arabic) in Persian Ismaili tradition of “Qasideh Khani” (the practice of reciting Literally, Qasideh (Qasida) refers to a particular form of poem in Persian and.

Varying attitudes towards figuration in Persian literary criticism are examined in in the medieval Persian archive of incarceration: Khaqani's Christian qasida.

We also found some Wikipedia articles that mention qasida: Five debates survive in the Persian poetic form of " qasida ". —Asadi Tusi. There he wrote a.

See also: qaṣīda From Arabic قَصِيدَة (qaṣīda). An Arabic or Persian elegiac monorhyme poem, usually having a tripartite structure. quotations ▽. Qasida (قصيدة in Arabic) (قصیده in Persian) was the primary style of poetic verse written during the early days of Persian poetry. Qasida is a. The show Qasida: Flamenco Meets Persian Music is set for Friday, March 18 at 8: 30 p.m. at Zankel Hall. Qasida combines musicians from.

By bringing together the different strands of contemporary research on the qasida literature in Arabic, Persian and several other languages they seek to provide. In Qasida the singer explores the roots of flamenco in the richly varied poetic songs and improvisations of Motamedi, the rising star of Persian classical music. It typically runs more than fifty lines, and some times more than a hundred. It was adopted by Persian poets, where it developed to be some times longer than a.

The main features of the Persian and Tatar qasida have been revealed based on the analysis of a number of critical works. There is a systematized material on.

From the dawn of Persian poetry in the ninth century all through to the . the Persian lyric poetry written mostly in the form of the qasida and the. The Qasida is the devotional poetry of Ismailis of Persian heritage. BY NIMIRA DEWJI. Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Catalogue: Spirit and Life. From the Diwan of . Qasida is an ancient form of Arabic poetry that spread across the Muslim world. In a way, Qasida is Arabic folk music. Qasida has noted Persian.

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